4/20/2020 @4:20

Well. It's 4:20.

Where were you during the great..... Time....

Of ... 4/20/20... At... 4:20.

And is that AM or PM??

Does Eastern or Pacific time matter? What about Mountain time? What is that?? Is there a Mountain time?? What do they do in Hawaii??? Are they on Hawaiian time? I ... I don't wanna know.


Let's just smoke weed ^_^


If you shift key the numbers for 420 on your keyboard it gets you -


I really like that. Should I add the colon??


Yeah, Even though something inside tells me not to add the colon. Maybe we can call it something else other than a colon. Ok. This symbol " : " is forever known as a ... Oh.. I donno. But not a colon. And let's rename semi-colon too.

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